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The most beautiful domain possible.

Imagine two of the strongest words on earth. The words; imagine they're made of the same yet unique letters. Now, move the first word's first letter to its end, and the second word will magically be formed. Here's the best part: it's actually possible, and what's even more amazing – it's possible to have it as a domain name. HEART.EARTH is the most beautiful domain to ever be possible. The two strongest words we know, magically connected. What's important, heart is the name, and earth is the TLD, not otherwise. The domain is perfect for a social network or dating website. It's unmatched for an innovative idea or product as well. With a combination of a beautifuly designed website, it could also be an amazing, extraordinary gift for the one you love. It's a beautiful, modern, instantly memorable, and absolutely unique name. A name that cannot ever be matched, no matter how many TLDs there are. And like all extraordinary things, it's expensive. To have this name, at least $1,500,000; 1,5 million dollars is required. See it live: HEART.EARTH.